Caihana's Memories

The Story Thus Far

The traveling merchant Traveus and his bodyguards were ambushed by the necromancer Malareth and his goblin cohorts and a valuable item was taken. Traveus hired a mercenary band to retrieve the box, and they were able to track the goblins to an ancient temple that was built by minotaurs. A fledgling white dragon also called the shrine home, complicating things. The mercenaries were able to slay the dragon, Malareth, and his minions and recover the item, which turned out to be a freshly bloodstained skull that radiates an evil aura. Traveus stated that he was trying to deliver the item to a local cleric to have it destroyed, and the group, suspicious of the dwarf, delivered the item to a cleric of Pelor, but the item proved more durable than expected. The skull was entrusted to a young paladin to investigate the the item with the intent of safeguarding it until they can find a way to destroy it.



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