Caihana's Memories

Investigating the Ghost Tower.

The young paladin felt he would need assistance in guarding the skull, so he hired a group of adventurers to assist him in the matter. Our players were perplexed by the mysterious skull; the only hint they were given was that Traveus claimed to have bought it from a traveler near the Witchlight fens in the southwest. Traeveus then promptly disappeared, so they attempted to find out more about this mysterious item, to no avail. No local legends or rumors mentioned the macabre fetish. Upon investigation of the fens, however, they learned of a noble family attempting to tame the area, but the horrors of the swamp swallowed their estate, and the family was driven to insanity or death.

Our adventurers tried to learn more about Traveus and discovered that he was not what he seemed. No one had ever heard of this merchant, and apparently his relationship with the necromancer Malareth was much closer than first suspected, but with the dark wizard dead and Traveus missing, the heroes could investigate this no further. With no other leads to go on, the players decided to investigate the fens, with the hopes of learning more about the origin of the evil relic in their charge.

The players were able to find their way through the fen with minimal resistance, and discovered a dilapidated tower that shimmered in the moonlight with a spectral shadow of its intact form. Edahs scaled the tower, and found the long dead remains of a guard, and a diary that mentioed the apparent insanity of the towers master. The heroes found a dark staircase that spiraled down into the towers dungeon.

The group ventured forth, into an empty antechamber, and they were ambushed by shambling Zombies. The walking dead hoped to devour the investigating heroes, but proved to be little more than a nuisance as they were decapitated, dissolved, disintegrated and dismembered. The next room held only some rusty cages and a bloody drainage system, so the heroes pressed on.

Further into the dungeon, the heroes suspected a trap, and managed to navigate the room in a single file fashion with no incident, and came across a double door on the other side. What horrors await them further inside? Only time will tell.

The Story Thus Far

The traveling merchant Traveus and his bodyguards were ambushed by the necromancer Malareth and his goblin cohorts and a valuable item was taken. Traveus hired a mercenary band to retrieve the box, and they were able to track the goblins to an ancient temple that was built by minotaurs. A fledgling white dragon also called the shrine home, complicating things. The mercenaries were able to slay the dragon, Malareth, and his minions and recover the item, which turned out to be a freshly bloodstained skull that radiates an evil aura. Traveus stated that he was trying to deliver the item to a local cleric to have it destroyed, and the group, suspicious of the dwarf, delivered the item to a cleric of Pelor, but the item proved more durable than expected. The skull was entrusted to a young paladin to investigate the the item with the intent of safeguarding it until they can find a way to destroy it.


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